2025 ROSMERTA IN THE GARDEN (after Annabel Gosling)


An original oil painting by fine artist, Valerie Nerva. Painted on canvas board size 46 x 36 cms (18 x 14 inches). Sold unframed (framing available). Price £175

We named our new house Rosmerta, after the goddess of abundance and harvest. Rosmerta has the horn of plenty or cornucopia as her symbol. This painting is one in a series in which I am exploring ways to express the garden and the spirit behind the garden. Attempting to paint that goddess energy is never easy for me, and needs to be approached indirectly! I used Annabel Gosling’s wonderful painting of a garden as a basis and inspiration, loving her use of colour. This is my own version to express a different feeling.

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Dimensions 46 × 36 cm

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