November 2023My End of the Decade Special Event Sale begins on Thursday 9th November at 12 noon. I will be sending out a link to a private sale page and a 40% discount code to all subscribers to my private email list. The sale will continue until Monday 11th November at midnight.

This event is a one off, once in a lifetime occasion. It is 10 years since I began to exhibit and sell my artwork and I am reaching the start of a new decade in January when I turn 70. It feels like the right time to let go of all my artworks now to allow something new and exciting to come in – quite what that will be I don’t know for sure, but ideas are buzzing away in my very overactive brain at present!

So do join me in giving good homes to my paintings and prints. If you haven’t joined my occasional email list do leave your details in the box below. I will be sending out the email for the Special Event soon. Thank you.